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  • High-quality Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper in gloss or matt finish
  • Easy photo upload and ordering from phone, desktop or app
  • Customer care you can count on and expert advice
  • Printed in the UK

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How to order with PostSnap

How to Order Large Photo Prints - Step 1

1. Pick your size

We’ve a huge range of options. Make sure your photographs are high resolution if you’re printing something big.

How to Order Large Photo Prints - Step 2

2. Upload your images

Choose your favourites from your phone, tablet or computer – it takes seconds to upload.

How to Order Large Photo Prints - Step 3

3. Finalise your order

Choose how many prints you want, a gloss or matt finish, and any other details like white borders.

How to Order Large Photo Prints - Step 4

4. Approve your order

Give your photos a final check before approving, looking at cropping, aspect ratio etc.

How to Order Large Photo Prints - Step 5

5. Expect your delivery

Your order will be printed, shipped and delivered to your door within a few days. (Next day delivery is also available.)

See our customer reviews

"PostSnap did a great job on my wedding photos! They are beautiful quality and I can't wait to get them framed! Their customer service is super fast and they shipped out right away. I love this company."

Laura Spellings

5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing

"As a new customer using PostSnap, found the site easy to use, good price, received item quickly and pleased with purchase. Would definitely recommend to others. Will use again.
Thank you for your help."

Lorraine Needham

5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing

"Really impressed with the service and the quality of the prints. Ordered a few different styles of print and will definitely be ordering more. Highly recommend!"

Emma Shields

5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing5 star reviews - best photo printing

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are your photo prints?


We offer over 30 different photo print sizes, catering for a variety of preferences in square, portrait and landscape formats. We list our photo print sizes in inches but also provide the approximate equivalent size in centimetres too.

Our photo print range includes mini prints measuring as small as 2x2 inches (approximately 5x5 centimetres), perfect for those who appreciate a compact format. For those seeking larger prints, our biggest photo prints are 20x20 inches (approximately 51x51 centimetres – that’s over half a metre in size!), allowing you to showcase your photos in stunning detail. Additionally, we also provide panoramic prints, which are ideal for capturing beautiful landscapes or group shots.

If you're looking for a specific size that is not listed within our popular photo sizes, we've got you covered. Our custom size prints are an option which allows you to set your own height and length of photo print, ensuring that you can create a personalised print to fit almost any picture frame and they can even be sized to fit a tiny photo locket pendent as small as 1x1 centimetre.

It's important to note that the orientation and aspect ratio of your photo may differ from the orientation and size of the photo print you choose. In such cases, we provide a free, user-friendly photo cropping editing tool that allows you to easily rotate and crop your photo to fit the selected direction and print size.

We pride ourselves on offering flexibility and choice when it comes to photo prints. Whether you prefer mini prints, square prints, retro style prints, large photo prints or collage prints, our diverse range has something for everyone. So, explore our selection and discover the perfect print size to bring your memories to life.

Each photo print size we offer has its own product page which contains useful product information and tips which helps you to choose the right print size for you.

Please note that all published sizes have a trim tolerance of +/- 4mm.

How do I choose the best photo print size for my picture frame?


Choosing the correct photo print size for your picture frame is crucial to enhance the visual appeal of your photos. Too small and there may be an unsightly gap between the photo and frame, too large and part of your beautiful photo may be hidden from view.  It’s important to remember that photo prints in the UK are typically measured in inches whereas photo frames can be measured in inches or centimetres and so you may need to do a metric to imperial inch conversion to size your prints correctly. You will need a ruler or tape measure with inches on one side and centimetres on the other in order to accurately measure the frame or print.

This size of print required will largely depend upon whether you use a mount with your frame or not. The mount is the decorative white card insert which provides a buffer between the photo print and frame. It is sometimes provided with a frame to provide a professional, gallery look.

If you are not using a mount start by measuring the height and width of the inside of the frame in inches and add on 1/2 inch to each dimension your measure to achieve the approximate size of the photo print you need for the frame. For example, if the opening on the inside of the frame measures 11 and ½ inches you need a print size of 12 inches. This is because a small part of the print (around 1/4 inch on each side and ½ inch in total) needs to be positioned inside the thickness of the frame in order to hold the print in place and ensure that there is no gap between the print and frame.

If you are using a mount with your frame measure the height and width of the opening (aperture) in the mount and add on 1/2 inch to each dimension to achieve the approximate size of the photo print you need for the mount. For example, if the opening in the mount measures 3 and ½ inches you need a print size of 4 inches. This is because a small part of the print (around 1/4 inch on each side and ½ inch in total) needs to be positioned behind the mount in order to fix the print to the mount to hold it in place and to ensure that there is no gap between the print and mount.

Bearing in mind some of your print will be hidden inside the frame itself or behind the mount it is important to ensure no part of the photo you want to see displayed is within ¼ inch of the edge of your photo because this will most likely be hidden from view. For those of you who prefer metric measurements ¼ inch is equivalent to approximately 0.6 of a centimetre or 6 millimetres.

How much are your photo prints?


We offer great value photo prints at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our extensive range of professional photo prints ensures that you can find the perfect option to suit your needs. We understand that pricing is an important factor, which is why we provide options starting from just £0.20 per photo print.

Let's dive into the exciting world of photo printing! We have various sizes and formats available, allowing you to create something truly special. Whether you prefer mini photo prints in packs of 20 or classic photo prints in sizes like 6x4" 5x7” or 10x8", we have you covered. Our retro photo prints offer a touch of nostalgia, while our special photo prints like the locket option add a unique flair to your memories. For those seeking a square format, we offer sizes such as 4x4" and even large square photo prints in 16x16".

If you're looking for panoramic photo prints to capture breath-taking landscapes, we also have sizes like 20x10".
Our photo print pricing is based upon the actual photo print size, the quantity of prints ordered and the complexity of printing and degree of personalisation. Each print size is priced individually and displayed in an open and transparent way on each photo print web page and includes VAT. In most cases pricing is banded so that the more prints you buy of the same size or type the lower the price per print.

To ensure your prints reach you in perfect condition and a timely manner, we offer high quality packaging and two different UK photo print delivery options. Whether you prefer economy, standard shipping or fast, tracked express shipping our flat postage and packing rates are very reasonable at £3.99 for standard UK shipping and £9.99 for express UK shipping - regardless of how many prints you buy. This way, you have control over the final cost and can choose the option that suits your budget and timeline.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our wide range of professional photo prints, and let us help you preserve and share your cherished

How long does it take to process, print and post out a photo prints order?


As soon as we receive your photo print order, we'll recheck it manually, ensuring that we give it the attention it deserves and avoiding any cropping mishaps. Once processed our professional photo lab team aim to carefully print your photos within 1 working day. (2-3 working days for mini photo prints due to the more complex print and finishing processes involved).

As soon as your prints are printed our dedicated team will then diligently package up your order ensuring that it is handled with care and precision. We'll then swiftly post your order from our UK print locations on the same day we finish printing, so that you won't have to long to wait for your prints to arrive at your doorstep.

How long does it take to deliver my photos?


We offer a next day delivery service on some of our prints. For example, if you order using our Express shipping service our courier DPD will generally deliver to most of the UK mainland next working day. Our standard delivery service using Royal Mail and deliveries to Scotland north of Glasgow and Edinburgh and the Islands may take around 5 working days from dispatch.

Can I print photos direct from my phone?


Welcome to PostSnap the UK’s best online photo printing service for printing photos direct from a mobile phone. We make it so easy to print the photos on your phone. Choose from our wide range of photo print sizes and then upload photos direct from your phone’s camera roll or your social media accounts. Tap ‘Upload Photos’ and our online photo print creator guides you though the process with ease.

Once your photos have been uploaded for printing just check the crop and quality and then checkout without signing up. Your high-quality prints should be delivered within a few days, letting you relive every precious memory, big and small.

Is there a PostSnap photo printing app?


Yes, if you don’t want to order using PostSnap’s easy to use, online photo printing service for your photo prints we also have an app available for photo printing.

By downloading the PostSnap App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store users can easily and quickly select photos from their camera roll or Instagram for printing in a wide range of print sizes and styles. Along with printing photos, users can also use the apps to easily create personalised gifts, canvas prints, photo postcards and personalised photo upload cards.

What file formats do you accept?


We suggest that photos are uploaded in JPG file format. This format is automatically created when you take a photo on a mobile phone or using a digital camera and so your phone should automatically do this for you.

How do I know if my pictures are good enough for printing?


If a photo is too low-resolution to print crisply at the print size you have selected our website presents a red warning alert when the photo is uploaded. If you see this warning, we suggest you swap your photo for a better-quality, higher resolution photo. If you do not have an alternative photo or if it has sentimental you can still print it, but unfortunately, we will not be able to improve the quality of the photo.

Generally speaking, the ideal photos to print crisply are those taken on a smart phone and uploaded direct from the phone. These images are generally 5-10mb each with a resolution in excess of 300dpi.

Photos which have been sent to you by WhatsApp are generally compressed and reduced in size to allow for fast transfer from one electric device to another. These photos are around 200kb in size and although they may look good on screen, they are not generally suitable for producing high quality detailed photo prints.

Which photo paper do you use?


We use two different types of photo paper depending upon the type of photo prints you choose.

Mini prints are printed digitally on thick, photo optimised 300gsm, FSC approved photo paper. This photo paper is available with a matte (lustre) finish.

Our larger prints at 4x4” and above are printed traditionally using Silver Halide photo printing. These prints are printed on professional quality Fujifilm Crystal Archive photo paper. This photo paper ensures you receive sharp printed photographs with true to life colours and should last a lifetime. Our photo paper is available in a gloss and matte finish.

Is gloss or matte the best finish for photos?


The choice of photo finish depends upon personal preference, the style you are looking for and how you plan to use your photo prints.

Gloss photo prints have a smooth, shiny finish which make them ideal for photos with contrasting and vibrant colours. However, gloss photo prints are not generally ideal if you are framing the prints behind glass because gloss prints can sometimes stick to the glass of the frame and result in a “wavy” effect.

Matte (lustre) prints are printed on textured photo paper which minimises shine and gives a less intense, subdued finish. Matte prints prevent fingerprints and are generally a better option if you are framing the photos because unlike gloss prints, they are less likely to stick to the glass of a frame.

Please note that our retro and wide retro prints are only available with a matt finish.

Can I print colour photos in black and white?


Yes, our website can convert your colour photos into a black and white style at the click of a button.  

Simply upload your colour photos from your phone, crop them and then when you are happy with the crop tap the “Black & White” button to transform your colour photos into black and white style photo prints.

Can I add text to my prints?


Yes, you can add text such as names, places, dates and memories to the frame of our Retro Photo Prints, Wide Retro Photo Prints and Mini Retro Prints.  

We offer a range of fonts and you can even add emoji. If you can’t decide what you’d like to write when you are ordering you can write on the frames with a marker pen once the prints arrive.

Can I edit my photos?


Yes, our online photo printing service includes a free, easy to use photo cropping tool which lets you crop, zoom and rotate your photos to achieve optimum printing results. This tool is useful if you want to print a portrait photo in landscape orientation and vice versa.  

Can you provide some ideas and inspiration on how I can use my photo prints?


Certainly! Our blog provides lots of unique ideas and inspiration for using photo prints. Here are a few examples our photo lab team have put together to get you started:

1. Get creative with mini prints: Explore the possibilities of printing your photos in a fun-size 2x2 inch mini square format. Mini square prints offer a unique and compact way to showcase and share your favourite memories in a scrapbook or hung on string to decorate a room with happy memories.

2. Capture the perfect moments with 8 x 6 photo prints – the perfect print size for a standing frame. Whether it's a Christmas photo, your child's first day of school or a milestone graduation, keep the memories alive with stunning photo prints.

3. Discover how to print locket photos in 4 easy steps. Lockets are a go to gift but you will need to print little tiny photos for your locket. That’s no problem if you use PostSnap because we can print down to just 5 millimetres – perfect for even the smallest locket pendant.

4. Learn how to frame A4 sized photo prints. Large A4 photo prints are the perfect size for printing stunning high-quality photos of the family or an important event and they look great when framed and hung on a wall. Explore the different frames available and read our tips for framing with or without a mount.

Overall, our blog offers a wealth of ideas and inspirations to make the most of your photo prints. From creative displays to helpful guides, we aim to help you unlock the full potential of your precious memories.

* Excludes Mini Prints. Express deliveries to central and northern Scotland and Northern Ireland generally take 2 days to deliver.

More details about our prints

A lot goes into making your memories look their best. You get professional quality photo printing, extra-personal service, and fast and easy ordering, plus:

  • A huge range of print sizes (plus custom photo sizes)
  • High quality photo paper
  • Speedy shipping
  • Gloss and matt finishes

Talk to us anytime about your order and we’ll be happy to advise you on sizes, finishes and anything else you need to know. We’re here to help!

Shipping options to suit you

We’ll print, pack and ship your order the very same day if you order on a weekday before 2pm, and you can choose whichever shipping option suits you. There’s our regular mailing service, with delivery to your door in a few days – or you can upgrade to a courier service with tracked shipping and next-day delivery option for some print sizes*
* Excludes mini prints. UK deliveries only

More information to help you order

Print your photos online
With PostSnap, you can print your photos online in seconds and have them delivered to your door. We use high-quality paper, and professional printing techniques, to ensure your memories look their very best. What’s more, we’ll print your photos in pretty much any size you like. You can take care of the details yourself, but if the choice is all a little overwhelming, don’t worry! We’ll recommend the best photo print size for the images you’ve uploaded, and make sure the aspect ratios are taken care of. Printing your favourite memories with PostSnap is easy. Simply upload your image, select your photo size (or let us take care of this bit), and you’re done! You can even create collage photo prints and custom photo prints with our easy-to-use creative tools. Edit your photos, print them in black and white and more, directly from our website or app. 

Love your memories again 
Let’s face it. Our phones are FULL of photos we never look at. At PostSnap, we think those memories deserve better. Which is why we’ve made it super easy to print your favourite photos, straight from your phone or desktop. Simply choose the images you want to print, select a size, and decide whether to add a white border (for a little retro cool). We print your photos on professional-quality paper, with a choice of gloss and matt finishes.  

Take control of your photos 
We’ll always recommend the best size for your photo prints, but the final decision is yours. Our cropping tool makes it easy to enlarge your photos, or select the bits that matter most. Got a high-resolution photo you love? Blow it up big with one of our large print sizes and create a brand-new centrepiece for your living room wall. Are your best moments all saved on Instagram? Our Square Photo Prints are the perfect way to make those memories real again (and ensure you never waste a good filter). And for everyone who remembers the joy of instant cameras, our Retro Photo Prints recapture the magic of holding your photos in your hands. They come with a white border as standard, and space below to scribble dates, names, or anything else for that matter.

Print your best bits, on the go 
PostSnap makes printing photos straight from your phone a cinch. Use or website in your mobile browser or, for the full experience, download the PostSnap app on Android or iOS.  

A gift they’ll love again and again 
High-quality photo prints from PostSnap make for a perfect, thoughtful gift, too. And they’re so easy to print, you won’t need a reason to send them to friends and family. So print your latest adventures. Print cherished family memories. Print little gifts they’ll love, just because.  

Made in the UK
We print all of our photos right here in the UK, using professional-grade equipment. So you get high-quality photos, created by skilled British printers, safe in the knowledge that your carbon footprint is as low as can be.

Straight to your door 
As soon as we receive your photo print order, we’ll check it by hand (no computer cropping here!) and ship it within one working day.* And as all of our orders are shipped from the UK, you won’t have to wait as long for them to arrive. 
*Mini Prints may take up to three working days.

Print size 
Print your favourite memories in any size you like with PostSnap. Our range starts at 2x2”for Mini Prints, and goes all the way to 16x12” large-format prints. And if you want to go even bigger, Photo Canvas Prints look great on any wall.    

Our print finishes 
All of our photos are printed using high-quality inks and professional-grade photo paper.Together, they ensure your images will last a very long time – no matter how many family members enjoy them! We offer a choice of two paper finishes: Matt paper offers a smooth, soft finish with a slightly more muted palette. It gives very accurate colours and is non-reflective, making it perfect for glass photo frames. Gloss paper gives super-vibrant colours, and has a noticeable sheen. If you’ve ever taken film to be developed, chances are you’ve seen gloss photos before.   

Professional-grade paper 
Our Classic Prints use a high-quality, standard 210gsm Fujifilm paper. Our MiniPrints are digitally printed on thick, 330gsm Soho Century paper, with a white back and a lustre finish that’s perfect for scribbling on. ClassicPrints are printed using high-quality, standard 210gsm Fujifilm paper.  

Find a size that fits Mini Prints
These adorable little 2x2” prints are perfect for printing your Instagram photos, creating collages on your wall, or for storing treasured memories in your wallet or purse.  

Classic Prints
Available in three different sizes, the standard Classic Prints have a thin white border, a matt or gloss finish, and use high-quality 210gsm paper. Upgrade to Premium for thicker 250gsm paper. 

Retro Prints
These vintage-style prints come in one size (3.5x4”), on a glossy, thick 330gsm paper. And at the bottom, in true retro print style, there’s space to scribble names, dates and more.

Square Prints
Available in two sizes with a matt or gloss finish, our Square Prints use 210gsm Fujifilm paper. The gloss version comes with an optional white border.

Large Prints
Blow up your favourite photos with our special Enlarged Prints. Available in square and rectangle format, with either a matt or gloss finish, they’re printed on 210gsm paper. An optional white border can be applied. Collage Needs a sentence

All of our photo prints are delivered in secure, sustainable card packaging. Each package is cut to size to ensure your prints are protected on their journey.  

Our photo prints are competitively priced. You may find cheaper; we won’t pretend otherwise. But with PostSnap, you’re guaranteed a quality print, made right here in the UK. Our expert team has years of experience, unrivalled attention to detail, and access to professional-grade paper and inks. We recognise that you’re not just printing photos with us. You’re trusting us with your most cherished memories, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re happy.

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